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Flexibility Decoded is written by three sisters; Olivia, Rosanna and Sasha L’Estrange-Bell

We’ve been passionate about stretching and yoga for a long time and it has been a fundamental part of our lives for many years; providing us as a family, with a wonderful way to keep fit, active and healthy, by properly stretching our bodies, in order to enjoy the active lifestyle we love. Whether it’s a sport, or keeping fit and healthy by going for a run, gardening for hours, training horses, swimming, and all those general day-to-day things, all types of activity create tightness in certain areas of the body. If stretching is part of one’s daily or weekly routine, the body performs far better and avoids severe stiffness and ailments.

Regardless, we all naturally get aches and pains – Flexibility Decoded has come from a love of sport and the desire to keep flexible in order to continue feeling amazing – whether that means you are able to run faster for longer, enjoy feeling pain free throughout the day, or if you want to become flexible enough to do the splits – this eBook guide shows you how to achieve this.

  • Feel amazing every day without any aches or pains, whether it is back pain or shoulder pain, neck pain, etc – when you improve your flexibility you will feel amazing on a daily basis.
  • Once we understood why one should stretch, then when we started to stretch, we noticed within just a few days the impact of just doing a bit of stretching, we started to see what is possible and how inflexible we were. We started to get excited and carried on stretching. It has made simple tasks so easy and enjoyable to do, whether it is running, walking, shopping, cleaning the house or working in the garden, everything was so much easier and effective.
  • Flexibility¬†Decoded is a tool you can turn to, to kick start your flexibility.

I hope we can help you get inspired to stretch more for a happier body and happier life!

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