Three and a half years on… 100 Jump Photographs, Take 2

Three and a half years ago, I embarked on a rather extraordinary photography project, titled 100 Jump Photographs.

It was very spontaneous, and I had no real idea what my plan was for the project, except that each photograph had to contain something jumping, and that there was absolutely no deadline. Unlike my previous projects, which had been a photo a day, which had to be completed by a certain deadline… I wanted the utmost freedom to do as much, or little as I wanted.


When I first embarked on this project, I received a huge amount of criticism, from those close to me, and strangers… it was quite extraordinary, because I never expected to have people commenting on what goals I set out to do.

After quite a lot of reflection, I decided to ignore the criticism and just go ahead — even though I had no idea what I was really going ahead with. I didn’t have a specific picture of how the project would turn out, or how long it would take me to complete it.


So I just went with things…. and 13 months later, I had successfully completed the project – a fun, joyful project, filled with 100 jump photographs, all of which contained people, leaping in the air. Some photographs included me, sometimes with two of my sisters, parents, and  friends.

By the time I came to “Jump 100” the project was the most popular series of photographs I had — with many of the photographs being used to promote companies, as book covers, magazine covers, book covers and the rest…

Completing the project, and having it become so successful, really did teach me that listening to my gut instinct was vital and to not listen too closely to critics. 


Three and a half years on…

After completing the project, I just carried on taking jump photographs. Many of which went into my following two 365 Projects. I think the total number of jumps I have taken is 250+

Which inspired me once again, to do something challenging… a second 100 Jump Photographs Project. 


A New Project: 100 Jump Photographs Project – 2015

So, I am now starting a new, second 100 Jump Photographs Project – and just like before, I have no idea what I’m going to do, or what type of photographs I will end up producing, but I do know that whatever it is, will be filled with excitement, joy, happiness, and some breathtaking photographs.

My goal is to push my creativity and create another 100 Jump Photographs, which are just as unique and spectacular as the first 100, and following 100’s that followed.

Which leaves me with this first one…. I can’t wait to create the next 99 and I hope you will enjoy them.

01 copy copysmall

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