Favourite New Photo Editing App for iPhones

While I spend a lot of time behind my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, there are times when I don’t or can’t have it with me – which is where my fabulous iPhone comes into its prime.

Although no comparison as a camera to my Canon, it’s still fantastic at capturing photographs and moments that would otherwise be lost.


Morning Sun in the Autumn

I keep it pretty simple, with my go-to app being Instagram and the editing tools it provides – preferring a rather simple approach.

However, sometimes I can’t help but want a little more……

With some searching, I came across Mextures, a fantastic app and worth paying £1.49 for.

It allows you to edit exposure, sharpness and much of the standard photo editing tools.


Sasha, training Krugerrand in the morning.

But then it allows you to add layers to your photograph – as many as you want – so, light leaks, textures, colour layers, gradients etc.

These are phenomenal, and add quite a unique and diverse effect to the photographs.

An additional bonus are the “Formulas” – you can save your own edit, and use other users formulas for a particular effect.

Check out Mextures on the app store!

These three photographs are all processed and edited with Mextures – I used a combination of 2-4 layers, some gradients, some light leaks, which give a relatively flat and dull photograph, some extra vibrancy and punch.

What I love is how easy it is to use – I’ve used a lot of photography apps, and one of the things I find frustrating is how they’re fiddly to use, and sometimes give me too many options, which leaves me wanting to give up and go back to my 1-click processing Instagram app!


[mks_one_half] image [/mks_one_half]

[mks_one_half]  image1 [/mks_one_half]


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