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Three and a half years on… 100 Jump Photographs, Take 2
Wrapping Up 2014 & Unwrapping the Adventurous 2015
Rosanna’s Flashback of 2014 in Photo-Video
A Great way to Battle a Challenge
Favourite New Photo Editing App for iPhones
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Three and a half years on… 100 Jump Photographs, Take 2

Three and a half years ago, I embarked on a rather extraordinary photography project, titled 100 Jump Photographs.

It was very spontaneous, and I had no real idea what my plan was for the project, except that each photograph had to contain something jumping, and that there was absolutely no deadline. Unlike my previous projects, which had been a photo a day, which had to be completed by a certain deadline… I wanted the utmost freedom to do as much, or little as I wanted.


When I first embarked on this project, I received a huge amount of criticism, from those close to me, and strangers… it was quite extraordinary, because I never expected to have people commenting on what goals I set out to do.

After quite a lot of reflection, I decided to ignore the criticism and just go ahead — even though I had no idea what I was really going ahead with. I didn’t have a specific picture of how the project would turn out, or how long it would take me to complete it.


So I just went with things…. and 13 months later, I had successfully completed the project – a fun, joyful project, filled with 100 jump photographs, all of which contained people, leaping in the air. Some photographs included me, sometimes with two of my sisters, parents, and  friends.

By the time I came to “Jump 100” the project was the most popular series of photographs I had — with many of the photographs being used to promote companies, as book covers, magazine covers, book covers and the rest…

Completing the project, and having it become so successful, really did teach me that listening to my gut instinct was vital and to not listen too closely to critics. 


Three and a half years on…

After completing the project, I just carried on taking jump photographs. Many of which went into my following two 365 Projects. I think the total number of jumps I have taken is 250+

Which inspired me once again, to do something challenging… a second 100 Jump Photographs Project. 


A New Project: 100 Jump Photographs Project – 2015

So, I am now starting a new, second 100 Jump Photographs Project – and just like before, I have no idea what I’m going to do, or what type of photographs I will end up producing, but I do know that whatever it is, will be filled with excitement, joy, happiness, and some breathtaking photographs.

My goal is to push my creativity and create another 100 Jump Photographs, which are just as unique and spectacular as the first 100, and following 100’s that followed.

Which leaves me with this first one…. I can’t wait to create the next 99 and I hope you will enjoy them.

01 copy copysmall

Ps. This photograph is available to purchase as a print, canvas print, acrylic print, poster, mounted print, and aluminium print on The Bell Sisters’ ART website:


Wrapping Up 2014 & Unwrapping the Adventurous 2015

IMG_6477Time to wrap up 2014, with some closing thoughts… and time to start unwrapping 2015!

Life is generally so busy that I rarely take time to pause for reflection, and reevaluate the direction my life is heading in, what choices I’ve made, and what choices I want to make for the next couple of months.

Everything moves so quickly and things happen at such a fast pace, it’s easy for weeks and months to go by without taking stock of the choices we make, and the direction we’re heading in.

Although I rarely wait for the New Year to make resolutions, start new projects, goals and change habits, it is a great time to reflect on the past year – what was a success, and the lessons I’ve learned over the past year.


Remarkable Events of 2014

So whenever I read someone else’s New Year blog post, I always want to know two things – what they did and what they learnt in the last 12 months, and then, with all of that knowledge and time, what will they focus on in the following few months – up to 12 if they can plan that far ahead!


Some of the things I did in 2014 which are worth remarking on are, in no particular time-order:-

  • Our photographs were featured/bought by Orange, Lloyds Bank (inc. Sky News), Ralph Lauren, Weight Watchers, Waitrose, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble International, NBC news, AOL, WH Smith LTD, The Telegraph, Google, Samsung, Yahoo, Huffington Post,  Amstrad Wealth, Citigroup, Avis, Virgin Media, Time magazine and numerous others, such as book covers by a variety of authors.
  • I trained Sky Dancer from a flighty, difficult horse, into a beautiful young ‘star’ who can now be ridden bridleless & more. (read my blog post here) 
  • Lifestyle Blog launched in November 2014IMG_6108
  • L’Estrange-Bell Designs jewellery 80% complete & ready for launch in February 2015

2015 – A New Adventure

A year is a long time – 2014 taught me many things, some really hard lessons, ones which would take me a few hundred pages to write about, but it did teach me one thing that I can write about…

It taught me to dream, set goals, and have great courage – not to be afraid, and to have the true strength to stand tall, stand alone, and reach for something that feels hard… that feels impossible….. to do all the things I’ve dreamt of.IMG_6080

So although 2014 was tough, and I spent a lot of it battling my demons, and challenges, what it did teach me, was not to let it hold me back.

Which leaves me with my goal for 2015 – to take all my challenges, and all the hard work from 2014 and make 2015 a truly, new adventure.

I can’t wait to share the ride with you all on this blog…

– Olivia


A Great way to Battle a Challenge

Everyone has battles. Every day, each person you see, is battling something – climbing their own mountain, or battling a problem – we all have things we’re trying to resolve and move forward from.

What’s extraordinary though, is this relatively common thought that “I’m the only one with ___ problem” – it’s quite the opposite. But it’s easy to think you’re alone in your problem, the only one.

This thought alone, I’ve come to realise over time, is rife throughout society – and it makes dealing with our problems harder, because we feel like everyone else has the perfect life, with no problems to speak of, and this makes us feel excluded, shut off from society and alone in our problems.

We feel shame, and embarrassment for talking about our problems, seeking advice, and so many other emotions, it’s hard to comprehend.

You’re Not Alone

So, the point of this post is to voice this behaviour.

If you have a problem – whatever it is, you’re unlikely to be the first person dealing with it – you aren’t alone, and if you look hard enough, you will most likely find at least one person who has also experienced your problem, one way or another.

Voice it

Don’t deal with your problem alone – voice it. To someone – choose someone who you can confide in, to ease the weight of the problem. The person you confide in may not be able to help you proactively resolve the issue, but they can be a support, and a lot can be said for support.

If you feel supported, you’ll find your problems are a lot easier to resolve. However if you are feeling alone, and trapped in your own head, then you’re going to find it a lot harder to battle.

As a great friend of mine once said to me when I confided in them: “A problem shared is a problem halved.”


So next time you have a problem – or if you’re going through a problem – remember that we all have problems, big and small. But we usually have all the resources we need, whether we realise it or not, to resolve our problems and achieve the outcome we most desire.

I have yet to be faced with a challenge that I haven’t been able to battle and achieve – very often the challenge has been immensely difficult, but not impossible. Sure it’s felt impossible at the initial stage, often half way through, and even three quarters of the way through, but in the end, the challenge was achievable.

My final thought for you is, don’t cut yourself off and try to battle your challenge on your own – there’s a reason an army is not one person, but many people – together we’re stronger, even if we’re not all leaders, the back (support) is as important as the front. There would be no frontline, without hundreds of people to back them up.

Find support, speak out, ask for help, talk things through, but most of all – believe in your ability and don’t doubt yourself. Trust that you have the ability to do what you set out to do.

Favourite New Photo Editing App for iPhones

While I spend a lot of time behind my Canon EOS 5D Mark II, there are times when I don’t or can’t have it with me – which is where my fabulous iPhone comes into its prime.

Although no comparison as a camera to my Canon, it’s still fantastic at capturing photographs and moments that would otherwise be lost.


Morning Sun in the Autumn

I keep it pretty simple, with my go-to app being Instagram and the editing tools it provides – preferring a rather simple approach.

However, sometimes I can’t help but want a little more……

With some searching, I came across Mextures, a fantastic app and worth paying £1.49 for.

It allows you to edit exposure, sharpness and much of the standard photo editing tools.


Sasha, training Krugerrand in the morning.

But then it allows you to add layers to your photograph – as many as you want – so, light leaks, textures, colour layers, gradients etc.

These are phenomenal, and add quite a unique and diverse effect to the photographs.

An additional bonus are the “Formulas” – you can save your own edit, and use other users formulas for a particular effect.

Check out Mextures on the app store!

These three photographs are all processed and edited with Mextures – I used a combination of 2-4 layers, some gradients, some light leaks, which give a relatively flat and dull photograph, some extra vibrancy and punch.

What I love is how easy it is to use – I’ve used a lot of photography apps, and one of the things I find frustrating is how they’re fiddly to use, and sometimes give me too many options, which leaves me wanting to give up and go back to my 1-click processing Instagram app!


[mks_one_half] image [/mks_one_half]

[mks_one_half]  image1 [/mks_one_half]


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